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Movie Review: Coffy (1973)

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Movie Review: Coffy (1973)

                                                 Director: Jack Hill
                                                 Starring: Pam Grier, Booker Bradshaw, Sid Haig


 The Lowdown:

Lets travel back to the 70s for a minute. Forget Cgi, lets embrace real down and dirty film-making for a second. And films dont come anymore down and dirty than Coffy. An incredible mixture of sex, violence and gratuitous nudity, Coffy is one hell of a fun ride.

Pam Grier plays Coffy, a nurse by day, vigilante sex pot by night, seeking vengeance against drug dealers for getting her sister hooked on heroin. That's basically the plot minus a few twists and turns here and there. 

What makes this film so great is the sum of all its parts. Pam Grier is incredible to look at, even if her acting is a little bit wooden, we can overlook it as she has one hell of a screen presence..and possibly one of the best racks of all time, she is pure badass as Coffy. The soundtrack is funky and sleazy and really gets you in that 70s mood. And did i mention Coffy features one of the best death scenes of the 70s? RoboCop's Robert DoQui gets tied to the back of a car and gets taken for one hell of a ride, resulting in, you guessed it, his bloody demise. That's worth seeing the movie for but, there's more! "Coffy" features possibly the best fight scene of all time. Coffy gets into a brawl with a room full of hookers and throws them around while also ripping open their shirts to reveal their big floppy breasts! Fantastic! 

There's so much to love about this little gem id hardly fit it all into a digestible review. This is a great piece of 70s kitsch that any film fan should check out. You wont be disappointed! 

Final Verdict:

Featuring Nudity, Violence, Pam Griers breasts and a rocking 70s soundtrack Coffy is a rip roaring 70s flick that everyone should see. Buy it, Rent it or steal it, Just watch it.


Exploitation doesn't come any better than this 4 out of 5 stars for this classic.  

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