Friday, 14 June 2013

The future of The Terminator Franchise.

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The Terminator Franchise : The future

The Terminator has always been near and dear to me. Seeing the first two films at a young age clearly shaped my love for well written genre bending sci fi, and to this day the first two installments remain two of my favorite films.

Its after the first two installments where things took a nose dive quality wise. 2003's Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines was for most fans a disappointment. Gone is the James Cameron magic. Gone is Brad Fidel's haunting score. What we got was a pale imitation of a Terminator film that left a sour taste in everyone's mouth.

Terminator Salvation in 2009 seemed like it could be the film we had all be waiting for since 1984. A film that would show us the dark future of the previous three entries. But what we got barely resembled a Terminator flick. And with that, I and every other Terminator fan lost all hope.

Now in 2013 T5 is a certainty. Scheduled to start shooting in early 2014 what can we really expect?
Can we really expect anything as good as, or dare i say it better than James Cameron's own sequel Terminator 2:Judgment Day? Highly unlikely.

However we can all hope for a quality Terminator film. One that brings the series back from the brink. I guess we will all just have to hold our breath until more details are announced.

For now im just going to assume Hollywood will do us Terminator fans right and give us the dark gritty future war movie we all want and so desperately need.But with Schwarzenegger signing on who knows what angle this new film will take.Hopefully the right one. 

We need L.A. 2029 and we need it now. Whose with me?

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  1. L.A. 2029 is what we need i agree.

    1. Yeah its pretty much the only way to take the franchise at this point. Everything else has been done...and re done.

  2. There should be a '50:50 rule' in Hollyweird.

    Screw up more than you do right and you either reboot the story or let it die, quietly crying itself to forever sleep, off in the corner.

    Give that I think T2JD is the tipping point unto ruin that made T3 and TSal possible as back-the-truck-up rejustifying a nuclear war, I would say 'Terminator' is, by definition, 3 of 4 done.