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Movie Review: Hatchet III (2013)

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Movie Review: Hatchet III (2013)

                                 Director: BJ McDonnell
                                 Starring:  Danielle Harris,  Kane Hodder, Zach Galligan

                                 Hatchet III IMDB Page :

      The Lowdown :

What some might consider Straight to DVD schlock-fest we at wild cinema consider highly anticipated sequel. 2010's slasher throwback Hatchet II left us all wanting more. Was Victor Crowley dead? Would Danielle Harris ever show us what we all really want to see...her sweet little naked body? Thankfully Hatchet III answers those questions and more.Literally following on from the last frame of its predecessor Hatchet III wastes no time in spilling the red stuff, in the first 5 minutes horror veteran Danielle Harris is covered head to toe in the blood of Victor Crowley who is dispatched via chainsaw to the groin which then rips him in half - ouch! Our heroine then walks into a police station to confess to killing Crowley and in the process is thrown in jail, stripped naked, and showered down Rambo style. 

The plot is pretty much the same as the previous two movies, a group heads into the swamp only to be dispatched one by one in inventive and often downright comical ways by Hulking maniac Crowley. Can they stop him for good this time? The movie flies by at a breakneck pace and theres rarely a dull moment, featuring lots of inventive gore and humor, long time fans should pretty much know what they're in for.

 Surprisingly however this time around for better or worse there is a distinct lack of nudity. Whats a slasher throwback without a few perfectly perk bussoms? Sigh. Perhaps to make up for the lack of boob there are quite a few familiar faces in this one, Zach Galligan of Gremlins fame plays the sheriff, Caroline Williams of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 fame plays his estranged wife, we even have Roach from Wes Craven's People Under The Stairs in this, its like a horror fans wet dream - well not quite, but almost.

Hatchet III for the most part is a step up from Part 2 and should satisfy fans blood lust until the inevitable Hatchet IV. You heard it here first kids, Hatchet IV: Marybeth Strikes Back.

Final Verdict:

Slightly darker in tone than its predecessors Hatchet III delivers scares, gore, familiar faces, and a pretty nice side view of Danielle Harris's tooshie. Horror fans should be pretty pleased with this one.


Pretty much how horror sequels should be done. 3 stars out of 5 for this.

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