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Movie Review: Dirty Harry (1971)

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Movie Review: Dirty Harry (1971)

                                            Director: Don Siegel
                                            Starring: Clint Eastwood, Andrew Robinson



The Lowdown:

Lets face it, in 2013 we all know the catchphrases, we all know the name, but surprisingly there are still people out there unfamiliar with the Dirty Harry films.If you are one of those people then this is the place to start,Harry Callahan's first outing still stands up after all these years. A tense action thriller that set up every hard boiled cop movie cliche you can think of and launched a wave of imitators in the process.

In his first outing Callahan plays cat and mouse with a psychotic killer and finds himself challenging his beliefs in the law he desperately tries to uphold. Featuring violent shootouts, breathtaking scenery, and a truly superb villain this is one cop flick fans of the genre shouldn't miss. Clint Eastwood was practically born to play this type of hard boiled cop and it shows as he oozes bad-ass-ness and lights up the screen whenever he is on. Audiences agree as Clint was back to play Harry 4 more times after this one. But it is this first flick which is perhaps the most iconic.

Final Verdict:

Bad ass catchphrases, big bad handguns and an unmatchable bad ass attitude Dirty Harry is an icon of American Cinema. Everybody should make my day and check out this fine slice of entertainment.


4 out of 5

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