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Movie Review: Machete Kills (2013)

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Movie Review: Machete Kills (2013)


Starting life as a mock trailer the original Machete provided Danny Trejo with a badass action hero to call his own. And it seems that Danny and director Robert Rodriguez were just warming up beacuse Machete is back to kick more ass and once again save the day in this fun action packed sequel.

Yet again featuring an all star cast Machete Kills ups the ante considerably in true sequel style by recruiting the likes of Sofia Vegara, Lady Gaga, Charlie Sheen, Antonio Banderas, Cuba Gooding Jr and Mel Gibson to name a few and lets just put it this way, the cast does not disappoint, each celeb gets to ham it up. Sofia Vegara in paticular seems to enjoy parading around with machine guns for breasts and generally playing an over the top female badass, Mel Gibson is an unstopable supervillain and Charlie Sheen is the womanizing President of the United States. Also male viewers take note, theres lots of eye candy on offer here, attractive women fill nearly every frame of this movie, if you're in the mood for hot babes kicking ass, give this movie a try.

The plot is simple and the action is frequent, whats makes Machete Kills so watchable is its senseless and often times comical violence featuring Machete dispatching hordes of bad guys in inventive ways, some that wouldnt seem out of place in a Friday The 13th movie, Machete wipes out waves of enemies with a whole host of weapons, my personal fav being the inside out gun which turns people - you guessed it - inside out and leaves them as a huge pile of guts on the floor. Pretty cool if you ask me. Machete kills is action packed, its got supervillains, prostitute assasins and shapeshifting hitmen, but if you're looking for substance your watching the wrong movie.

Machete Kills ends showing us glimpses of whats to come next, Machete Kills in space, and if you ask us that looks like its going to be a hell of a good time, but given the film bomed at the box office who knows if we will see Machete in another outing, which is a shame as this is a great tongue in cheek action series and i would be sad to see it end here when the film makers are only just getting warmed up.


Babes, guns and buckets of blood. What more does a grown man need on a friday night?




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