Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Evil Dead (2013) Mini Review


Evil Dead (2013) Mini Review

Here at WildCinema we love a good horror film. We love Evil Dead. So this pickup is a no brainer really. Ill cut to the chase, we live in the era of the reboot at the moment, Hollywood is churning out remake after remake of all our favorite movies, and lets be honest, most remakes suck the big one. Uninspired PG-13 drivel for the most part i know. But my friends Evil Dead is here to restore your faith in remakes somewhat, because it rocks!!

Internet trolls are divided on this film as it dosent feature the infamous Ash from the original trilogy. But dont let that put you off, this is a rip roaring good time, and quite possibly one of the best remakes ever. Featuring realistic practical effects over cgi, violence hasn't looked so brutal in a long time.

I'm going to keep this review short, this movie lived up to my expectations, fans of the original three should check this out as it is a really well done remake, and people who want a perfectly executed R-rated scare should also check this out. Not for the faint hearted mind you!!

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