Thursday, 25 July 2013

VHS Nostalgia #1 - VHS Hunting

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VHS Nostalgia #1 - VHS Hunting


 I'm the kind of person who likes to reflect on the past. Quite often i find myself in my own head pondering over days gone by and how quick life seems to pass us by. One fond memory i always seem to come back to time and time again is an era long since past, the era of the VHS. Now don't get me wrong the technological era we live in now is great, id never be without the internet, my Blu Ray player or HDTV now, but part of me still longs for a simpler more exciting time. Maybes its all rose tinted spectacles and nostalgia, but part of me still longs for a time when everything wasn't so readily available, a time when you actually had to leave the comfort of your own home to purchase your favorite movies - i know!! Shocking right? There was nothing quite like the feeling of browsing around an old jumble sale or a video store and not knowing what B movie classic you were going to unearth next. I myself discovered some of my most beloved films that way, i remember it well.

I was ten years old and my mom and aunt had dragged me to a huge jumble sale, i was pretty bummed out having found nothing all day, we only had a little stretch of stalls left, then i saw it,
the coolest thing id ever seen. What id found was the Friday the 13th VHS and me and my cousins had a blast that afternoon watching it. I remember feeling a sense of accomplishment after scouring this huge jumble sale and coming away with a film that turned out to be awesome, and in some ways has changed my life for the better.

I just dont get the same satisfaction with ordering a film off the internet or streaming it on Netflix, there was something about the journey, the smells in the air, the browsing of random VHS artwork in the video store, the hunting through Mom and Pops for rare B movie classics when more often than not, the covers themselves would be more entertaining than the actual film.

Don't get me wrong i also love the instant gratification era we live in, one click and a movie turns up at your doorstep or on your screen from the comfort of your home, but part of me wants to feel that journey one more time, to stare in awe at the wonderful VHS artwork, it truly was a honor to have experienced this magical era.
Who's that ugly guy..oh wait, its me!!

 So guys that the first part of my VHS Nostalgia series of articles over and done with, i hope you had as much fun reading it as i did writing it. Id love to hear from you guys about your VHS memories! Are they good or bad? Do you sometimes miss VHS like me or did you never like it at all? Let me know it the comments section below, id love to hear from you guys. Well goodbye till next time!


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