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Movie Review: At The Devils Door (2014)

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Movie Review: At The Devils Door (2014)

The Lowdown

Once every so often you watch a movie with low expectations and end up getting something much better than anticipated. At The Devils Door is one such movie. I went in expecting nothing and walked away with a huge smile because what i had just seen was pretty damn good.

In At The Devils Door writer and director Nicholas McCarthy charts familiar territory with an inventive flare as he tells us a tale about a young real estate agent named Leigh (Catalina Sandino Moreno) and her artist sister Vera (Naya Rivera) who get involved in a battle with supernatural forces.
Now the plot sounds like it could have come from just about any horror movie spanning the last decade. But what sets this movie apart is the love and care that has gone into each frame. Never content to deliver mediocre jump scares the movie takes its time building up likeable charecters and a story that builds on multiple levels so when the scares come they're actually pretty terrifying. The movie harkens back to simpler times in horror movies when what you dont see is just as scary as what you do see and the movie never reveals its antagonist for too long and the movie is all the better for it, we see girls flying round rooms and hear a chilling voice say "come to me" but only every now and then do we catch a glimpse of lucifer himself, and its usually shot in the shadows or in a window pane reflection. Call me crazy but its a lot creepier that way.

  Final Verdict

Gushing atmopshere from the very first frame and lovingly shot in beautiful HD the movie is fantastic to look at. Naya Rivera carries the movie well and fans of hers will probably dig this performance. The movie itself is a slow burn and successfully builds the tension and the twists and turns come at all the right times. Perfect saturday night entertainment.


3 out of 5

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