Monday, 11 August 2014

Movie Review: The Maids Room (2014)



Movie Review: The Maids Room (2014)

 The Lowdown

 Admittedly Micheal Walker's The Maids Room is a movie that wasnt on my radar or probably anyone else's for that matter. I decided to check it out as i had nothing better to do with my time. Was it worth it? Well yes and no. The Maids Room tells the story of a live in maid Drina who is left alone with a couples son brandon while they go away for a few days. One night Brandon gets into a drunken car accident and kills a man and stumbles into the house drunk and wakes up Drina. The parents come back and learn of the accident and learn that Drina knows more than she lets on, they try to buy her silence but Drina refuses.What will happen to Drina? will she turn Brandon in? Those are the questions viewers find themselves asking about a half hour into this flick. It feels just like every other thriller of the past 30 years up till that point, but then it throws you a real curveball and goes in a completely different direction that quite frankly shocked me and was very unexpected and made the movie better in my opinion. I will not ruin it for potential viewers but it is in intense ride from about the 45 minute mark. By far one of the most entertaining limited release movies ive seen in a while. My only gripe is that with such a great build up in the first half the ending does seem rather flat in comparison.

 Final Verdict

 A fine performance from Paula Garces as Drina the foreign maid who is about to find out just how far one family will go to keep a secret, a jarring and shocking transition at the halfway mark that may startle viewers and a solid overall package make this one highly recommended viewing. Its not going to set the world on fire but it is way better than it had any right to be, a solid overall thriller featuring a very pretty lead.


3 out of 5

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