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Movie Review: Texas Chainsaw (2013)

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Movie Review: Texas Chainsaw (2013)

                     Director: John Luessenhop
                                       Starring: Alexandra Daddario, Tania Raymonde 


The Lowdown:

Billed as a direct sequel to Tobe Hooper's terrifying 1974 orginal, Texas Chainsaw had pretty big shoes to fill to say the least. Does it deliever. In short, no.

 Alexandra Daddario plays Heather Miller the last of the Sawyer blood line, who inherits the family home. Heather and her friends head up there to check the place out, little do they know our buddy leatherface still lives there and is ready to pick them off one by one.

What should be an absolute riot turns out to be a badly directed, poorly written mess of a film. Riddled with contradictions that make it inconsistent with the original to say the least, Texas chainsaw feels like it was put together to make a quick buck, and it shows.

The film also misses opportunities to go bat shit crazy and give us the bloodiest TCM yet. Take for example the sequence where Leatherface pursues Heather through a carnival, this was a brilliant oppurtunity to have Leatherface rack up a serious body count killing everyone who gets in his path, but instead the filmmakers chickened out, i guess mediocrity is in this season.

The one thing the film has going for it is eye candy. Its looks great and there are some nice looking ladies in the form of Alexandra Daddario and Tania Raymonde. Raymonde being the hottest in my humble opinion, sorry Daddario fans. Anyways the film is nice to look at, but little else. 

This was a great opportunity to bring back Leatherface and bring him into this decade, bigger, bloodier and nastier. But sadly it just dosen't deliver.

Final Verdict:

Lousy writing, lousy direction, and a "twist" ending that hasn't been fresh since Halloween 4, this one is a stinker. See it, if only for the sight of Tania Raymonde and Alexandra Daddario, because everything else stinks


This is a low blow for fans of the original. For a real sequel to the original check out the underrated Texas chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986) its leaps and bounds better than anything here. 1 out of 5 stars.

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