Saturday, 3 August 2013

Could Ryan Gosling Be The New Batman?

Could Ryan Gosling Be The New Batman?

The dust hasn't even settled yet on the news that Batman is set to make an appearance in the new Superman movie due in theaters sometime in 2015, and already the internet is in a frenzy with casting speculations galore. Of all the actors rumored to be in the running to play the Dark Knight perhaps the most interesting choice is none other than Mr cool himself Ryan Gosling.

Perhaps best known for his portrayal as "Noah" in the overly sappy The Notebook, Gosling has been making the transition from pretty boy to on-screen bad ass for quite sometime now, and his latest film Only God Forgives looks to solidify that transition. The question however still remains, would audiences and comic book fans be willing to accept Gosling in the role? He certainly has the charm and charisma to pull off the Bruce Wayne side of things, as for Batman, that remains to be seen. For now we all just have to wait and see who is actually cast, no doubt about it though, after Christian Bale's stellar performance in the Dark Knight trilogy the next Batman has mighty big shoes to fill.

So whats your take on it, do you think Ryan is a suitable candidate for the caped crusader? Lets us know your views and who you would like to see pick up the Batman mantle in the comments section below!!

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